Competition Results - 2019

November Competition - "Botany/plants" (Digital)

The brief - "To photograph any plant life, flowers, roots, vegetables, leaf etc. Be creative if you wish."

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Banner Image: Glennis Taylor

A Grade:

B Grade:

1st place    Bob Smith - "Te Taniwha"
2nd             Dawn Patterson - "Flax Abstract"
3rd              Glennis Taylor - "Pulsatilla vulgaris"
Merit           Dawn Patterson - "Dew on Dandelion"



Bob Smith

Te Taniwha

1st place    Ali Copland - "Seaside Sculpture"
2nd             Sandra Prebble - "Fritillaria"
3rd              Katherine Welsh - "Burst of Colour"
Merit           Nicola Copland - "Leaf Maze" 
Merit           Nicola Copland - "Phormium Pods"




gallery/a1 te taniwha

C Grade:

1st place    Philip Crump - "Horizontal Tree"
2nd             Sam Copland - "The Salad Express"
3rd             Philip Crump - "Botanical Spires"
Merit         Sam Copland - "Pigsqueak"
Merit         Jeanna Rodgers - "Koru"
Merit         Helen Millen - "Caught in the Rain"
Merit         Helen Millen - "Double Vision"




gallery/a2 flax abstract copy

Dawn Patterson

Flax Abstract

gallery/a3 pulsatilla vulgaris
gallery/a4 dew on dandelion

Glennis Taylor

Pulsatilla vulgaris

Dawn Patterson

Dew on Dandelion

gallery/b1 seaside sculpture
gallery/b2 'fritillaria'
gallery/b3 burst of colour

Ali Copland

Seaside Sculpture

Katherine Welsh

Burst of Colour

Sandra Prebble


gallery/b4 leaf maze

Nicola Copland

Leaf Maze

gallery/b5 phormium pods

Nicola Copland

Phormium Pods

gallery/c1 horizontal tree
gallery/c2 the salad express
gallery/c3 botanical spires

Philip Crump

Horizontal Tree

Sam Copland

The Salad Express

Philip Crump

Botanical Spires

gallery/c4 _pigsqueak_
gallery/c5 koru
gallery/c6 caught in the rain
gallery/c7 double  vision

Sam Copland


Jeanna Rodgers


Helen Millen

Caught in the Rain

Helen Millen

Double Vision