Competition Results - 2019

September Competition - "Threes" (Digital)

The brief - "To capture a scene where a group of three is the dominant feature of the image."

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Banner Image: Glennis Taylor

A Grade:

B Grade:

1st place   Bob Smith - "Surviving Winter's Chill"
2nd             Alan Ritchie - "Dog Trials"
3rd              Bob Smith - "Demise of Killers-Return of Birdsong"
Merit          Ron Veint - "Three Views"



Bob Smith

Surviving Winter's Chill

1st place    Ali Copland - "A Pair Plus One"
2nd              Ali Copland - "Native Trio"
3rd               Noeline McDiarmid - "Bygone Biscuit Barrels"
Merit            Pauline Allen - "Mandarins Win!" 




gallery/a1 surviving winter's chill

C Grade:

1st place    Philip Crump - "Koru"
2nd             Sam Copland - "Juicy & Crisp"
3rd              Philip Crump - "Coated Rails"
Merit          Jean Hamilton - "Francis Drake & Friends"
Merit         Jean Hamilton - "Three Highland Lassies"
Merit         Sam Copland - "Racing For The Finish"




gallery/a2 dog trials

Alan Ritchie

Dog Trials

gallery/a3 demise of killers - return of birdsong               copy

Bob Smith

Demise of Killers-Return of Birdsong

gallery/a4 three views

Ron Veint

Three Views

gallery/b1 a pair plus one

Ali Copland

A Pair Plus One

gallery/b2 native trio

Ali Copland

Native Trio

gallery/b3 bygone biscuit barrels

Noeline McDiarmid

Bygone Biscuit Barrels

gallery/b4 mandarins win!

Pauline Allen

Mandarins Win!

gallery/c1 koru

Philip Crump


gallery/c2 juicy and crisp

Sam Copland

Juicy & Crisp

gallery/c3 coated rails

Philip Crump

Coated Rails

gallery/c4 francis drake & friends

 Jean Hamilton

Francis Drake & Friends

gallery/c5 three highland lassies

 Jean Hamilton

Three Highland Lassies

gallery/c6 racing for the finish

Sam Copland

Racing For The Finish