Gore Camera Club Committee


President: Doug Dodds

Vice President: Matt Cook

Competition Secretary: Bob Smith

Committee Members: Nicola Copland, Gerry Compton, George Brier, Pauline Allen, Helen Wright


Competition Entry





6 Feb

Landscape / Seascape (Print)

Scenes featuring areas of land. These may include areas of coastal land with sea, lake or other water features included.



(Gerry Compton)

20 February

Colin Den

Local Photographer


3 April

Photojournalism (Print)

Capture an image that tells a story or event without the need of words to explain what is happening.

Abandoned Buildings


17 April

.gif File

Matt Cook

4 Dec

Open (Digital)

Any subject material

(due 2 Jan - 2020)

Best of Three

Awards night.

6 Mar

Abondoned Buildings (Digital)

Images of run-down, ramshackle, in disrepair, crumbling and forgotten buildings

Landscapes / Seascapes

Calibrating a Monitor

(Mike Venz)

24 March

Wyndham Streets, Maple Glen, Glenham Tunnel


1 May


Open (Digital)

Any subject material.


10 - 12 May

Arrowtown trip to capture Autumn colours


5 June

Autumn (Print)

Autumn is a time when Nature explodes with colour. Show the mood of the many shades of the changing season.


Cold-blooded photography

(Phil Melgren)

19 June

AV - How to put one together

(Matt Cook)


3 July

Rust (Digital)

Old cars, abandoned ships, farm machinery, anything where rust is the key feature.


Bird Feeders


14 July

Owaka, Surat Bay, Cannibal Bay, Pounawea


7 Aug

Natural History (Print)

Present images of untamed birds, animals, uncultivated plants or geology.


"Sharpness is a Bourgeois Concept" Pt. 1

(Mike Venz)

21 August


(Matt Cook)

4 Sept

Threes (Digital)

Capture a scene where a group of three is the dominant feature of the image. 

Natural History

"Sharpness is a Bourgeois Concept" Pt. 2

(Mike Venz)

22 Sept

Catlins River Walk


2 Oct

Botany / Plants (Digital)

Photograph any plant life, flowers, roots, vegetables, leaf etc. Be creative if you wish.


Photographing Wild Bengal Tigers in India

(Kevin Tyree)

16 October

Dolamore Park. Learn how to photograph moving water.



6 Nov

Best of Three (Print)

May consist of previous work, new images or a mixture of both

Botany / Plants

Presentations of your AV compilations.



Calendar of Events - 2019

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