Gore Camera Club


We are a group of enthusiasts sharing a common interest in photography. Our membership ranges from enthusiastic beginner learners to enthusiastic veteran learners. Our club is all about fostering photography and sharing our interest and knowledge with others. To this end, we most cordially welcome new members who are keen to learn along with us. 



Our Programme

We conduct a range of photographic activities - workshops, competitions, field trips, speakers and tutorials. We are involved in providing photographic coverage of various community activities. Members of the club and invited speakers lead these activities. The activities relate to helping everyone with their photography.


We meet on the first Wednesday of each month from February to December at the hall of the St Andrews Church, 2 Devon Street, Gore. from 7:30pm- 9:00pm.  For the December meeting we have a club prize-giving and a shared meal.

New Members

We warmly welcome new members. Feel free to drop in on one of our meetings to get the feel of things. You are free to come along for a couple of meetings before you decide to join or not. You will be greeted at the door and made to feel most welcome.  Feel free to join and have a look at our Facebook page, just search Gore Camera Club.  Members are posting and commenting on their images all the time.



We hold print and digital competitions every month. There is absolutely no requirement to enter these. We have a scheduled programme posted on the Information section of this site. There are three classes - A Grade, B Grade and C Grade. New members can elect to begin showing their work in the C Grade. Here, the judge makes helpful and encouraging comments to get you started in your photography.

Each year the club secures the services of experienced, knowledgeable persons to evaluate the competition entries. All report-back sessions are anonymous. Neither the judges nor the audience knows who the entrant is.



We have planned a range of practical tutorials.  We will happily organise workshop sessions on request. We always utilise the skills and knowledge of our experienced club members for these sessions.


Field trips

These are popular with members. They take place between February and the end of September. We travel to interesting places with a view to having a good time and practising photography in real situations. Built into each trip is a learning skill. Participants receive guidance on some aspect of photography. Interested members of the public are most welcome. Bring a friend or bring the family. Experienced club members will travel with visitors and assist them throughout the day. Field trips are a great way to have fun, see new places, learn new things and meet new people.



Please visit our Information page to obtain information on the club's activities. 



The annual subscription covers from the 1st April to the following 31st March each year. Visitors are welcome to attend meetings without paying a subscription. If you wish to participate in our activities, you can do so by paying your annual subscription which is:


Single Adult: $40.00

Student $25.00

Child under 16: $10.00



Each monthly meeting concludes with a convivial cuppa. This is a great chance to meet and mix. Members will happily include you in the chatter and will introduce you around - and invite you back.